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It pays off to analyze the hidden moves before NBA 2K16 MT
It pays off to analyze the hidden moves before NBA 2K16 MT

Three Secret Moves To Enhance Your NBA 2K16 Game Style

There are no doubts that NBA 2K16 is probably the most realistic NBA related game ever. The series has seriously evolved over the past 15 years, only to bring in more realism than ever. But with realism, difficulties inevitably kick in as well. At this point, it is imperative to learn to adjust and figure what makes the difference. Each game has its own weaknesses and this one makes no exception either. (click Found more) Figuring these weaknesses and boosting the strengths is piece of cake, but you will also discover some new ways to get NBA 2K16 coins. Apart from analyzing players and working your way through coach settings, figure the best moves and secret combinations as well.

Some players might go for cheats and hacks instead of growing on their own. However, it pays off to analyze the hidden moves before moving so far. The more you know about this game, the easier it becomes to impose your point of view. Remember that even if you are already familiar with the NBA series, it does not mean that you will succeed from your first attempt. Instead, you need to take your time and actually practice. So, what kind of secret moves and key combinations should you pay attention to?

Secret Moves in NBA 2K16

You will probably see some of the opponent players running the pick and rolling. How do they do that? This is not a default computer move, but one that you can do yourself as well. First, you need to handle the ball. Once you get it, hold B or Circle, but also ask a big man to run. The success stays in your holding needs. Basically, the more you hold this button down, the more your man will run. There are three different types of running screens and each of them should be chosen with the game style in mind.

Slip is the first and most common type of run screen. (click NBA 2K16 MT) You can easily get it with nothing but a short button press. At this point, your big man will initially fake the block. It will move on smoothly toward the basket then. If you expect this player to block the defender around the ball handler, you can just keep expecting because it is not going to happen. Instead, it will perform a dummy run, so you can hand the ball over.

The roll move is just as common in NBA 2K16. Just like the slip, it depends on how long you keep the button down. Do it for a little more and your player will come up with a roll. Rolls are similar to slips though, but the movement is performed differently. The difference is in the player’s ability to block the ball guard. This option is extremely common, as it works for pretty much any situation. Of course, it does require a little training.

Finally, the fade move in NBA 2K16 is recommended if you have an efficient blocker at long distance shooting or running. Your big player will just run away from the basket in the attempt to draw a pull-up jumper.

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